"Watch out - for the news today. Fallout - over israel."

^An Oxymoron song.

So yeah.. If the polution or the boredom didn't kill us, the war will.
Thank you, you fuckers! Keep playing your stupid respect game with real people as plastic soldiers!

Of course I can go on and on but since no one really reads here I'll shut up and hope that it's gonna be over soon..
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Yay!!! I past my driving theory test! Now I can start learning for real now. My dad told my mom I'm not gonna past and all the week he bugged me so I showed the basterd! And while Hila and I were waiting for the results the cute security guard asked us to entrtain him. So until now it's been a fun day. I'm cooling off near the fan and later on this day I'm going to celebrate with obsess her 17th birthday party!

Good day everybody.
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Pregnancy is for girls.

Oh.. I'm old.. But oh so amused. :)

This is the third time this week I went to school just to find out that I got no school... Not gonna go anymore unless someone would tell me that there is a lesson or something. So my Summer vacation is starting. Beach anyone?
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The Queers are coming to Israel!
They're supposed to have 3 shows with Useless ID. I hope one of them would be in Haifa cos' my wallet it empty and I got no job yet... :\
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Foof.. Just did my final final History exam. It's feels so good to get it over with! I still have to do the Math finals again in July since I failed them but after that no more exams this year.

Shantipi was awasome. It was 3 days of complete comfort and shutting out from the world.

Now see? The main Critic guy has gone to do his buisness in other countries so all the excutives are getting all wild and doing weird things. So suddenly worker's children can't work there. Poo! Now I need to find another job...
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Shavuot time!

Yep. This is my first Shvout as a vegan. My fridge is filled with dairy things for my mom's annual Shavout party. Luckily I'm gonna be at the Shnatipi (a hippish stoners' festival)! 3 days of beach, pot and friends. Gonna drink lots of soy milk Chai!

I hope I'll get the job in my dad's office. If not I will go looking for one somewhere. I need some Summer money...
LoL. Working at my dad's office is gonna be funny. He's an inner critic, which means he check if things are going by the laws and in the end of every year all of the reports he and his co-workers did are published. I don't know what they think I'll do with their supposed to be shradded reports and shit. Muhahaha!
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I deleted my old journal since it sucked so here I am again! Woohoo! Feel free to hug me. :)

Of course that with the help of my dear ones this journal would look so much cooler soon.
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